What is water damage restoration service?

When storms, floods, frozen or broken burst pipes, etc cause an excess of water in your home or property a well trained professional needs to come in to restore it to it’s rightful, perfect state.

What is the typical cost for water damage restoration?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the area damaged, as well as what type of specific damage it is such as simple water removal, mold remediation, or major structural damage on top of everything else.

How much does water extraction cost?

It truly depends on the volume of water, the square footage of the flooded area, how difficult the area is to access, etc. You also have to factor in any mold mitigation services that may be needed once the water itself is removed.

How much does insurance pay for water damage?

This all depends on your insurance carrier and your specific home owners policy. We would strongly suggest working with your agent and restoration company together…and if need be, hire an industry claims specific lawyer if you feel you’re being mistreated by your insurance company!

Does water damage decrease home value?

This is something to discuss officially with your insurance company, realtor, and a licensed home inspection service but, of course you run the risk of decreased home value from problems like this ESPECIALLY if they are not mitigated by a professional!

How much does sewage cleanup cost?

This can get tricky and add to the overall cost. Of course it depends on the square footage of the area affected as well as the difficulty or ease of access to the area. But you also have the added problem of the damage being done by what is called ‘black water’ ie sewage vs normal ‘clean’ water.

How much does it cost to clean up a flooded basement?

It will depend on the volume of water there is as well as the square footage of your basement. Also keep in mind any potential costs of mold remediation services that may be needed once the physical water is gone, but has potentially left behind a dangerous mold infestation that needs removed.

What is fire damage restoration?

After a fire there is a variety of damage that needs cleaned up or repaired. You have the actual structural damage where the fire burned through walls, floors, ceilings, etc. But you also have to get rid of the deep seated smell and visual residue of smoke and soot.

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